Available Services

Our on location cleaning services are performed without the insured needing to leave the premises. We will clean and deodorize the entire structure and all of the contents right in your home, with minimal inconvenience for the home owner.

After Fire Restoration

Aero Cleaning, Inc specializes in Fire Restoration. We clean and deodorize structure and contents. A.C.I. offers both on location cleaning and full pack-out services. Our professional packers and movers will carefully pack and move the contents from your home or office. We inventory each piece as it is off loaded from the truck and brought in to our warehouse. Our warehouse facility is fully insured with a 24 hour security system. Once in our care, the contents will be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized, then stored until you home or office is ready for occupancy.

Water Restoration

Aero Cleaning, Inc. specializes in water restoration services. We extract all excess water from the damaged areas. We remove and dispose any wet, non-salvageable carpet pad. We treat all wet areas with an anti-microbial agent, to prevent any mold and mildew from growing. A.C.I. will dry the structure with high capacity Air Movers and remove any moisture with Dehumidifiers. Once the carpet and structure are completely dry, A.C.I. will replace the carpet pad and re-stretch/relay the carpet. After the carpet has been relayed it will be steam cleaned with a truck mounted, P.T.O. carpet cleaning machine.

Odor Removal

Aero Cleaning, Inc. specializes in odor removal. Our Ozone Machines electrically charge the air, turning the oxygen from O2 to O3. In this process, the odor is neutralized and ELIMINATED, not just "covered up." A.C.I also offers thermal fogging odor removal. In this process, Osmix 22 is dispersed through a thermal fogger.

Duct Cleaning

Aero Cleaning, Inc. offers air duct and HVAC cleaning, video inspection and recording. Our certified technicians use a powerful, trailer mounted duct cleaning machine to remove all contaminants. This cleaning procedure will vastly improve your indoor air quality.